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Through peer-lead academic support, the goal of the Peer Mentoring Academic Program (PMAP) is to ease the transition to medical school by providing incoming students with academic/social/emotional support, encouragement, and guidance. This program is optional and available to all first-year students of the UF COM.

Students participating in the program will attend three general sessions throughout their first year. The topics of these sessions range from study skills and learning styles to preparation and tips for each first-year course.

Through the Peer Mentoring Academic Program (PMAP), incoming students are also given the opportunity of joining an academic peer-mentoring/support group of their choice. Each group is led by a team of upperclassmen (MS2, MS3, MD/PhD and MS4 students) and will meet twice per semester. Discussion topics include adjustment to medical school, difficulty with coursework, and balancing school and personal life.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the program.


Ella Uwaibi, MS2
PMAP Developer and Coordinator

Tené Sablo, MS2
PMAP Developer and Coordinator