Needle Stick Hotline Program

University of Florida’s Needle Stick Hotline Program
1-866-477-6824 (OUCH)

Students are responsible for submitting any tests and treatments to your insurance company first for all sites. However, if the charges are not covered by the company, the College of Medicine will pay the expenses. No student will suffer any financial hardship as a result of an occupational injury. (GNV)

University of Florida’s Occupational Health Program has a dedicated phone line for UF faculty, staff, resident house staff and students who experience a bloodborne pathogen exposure (hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV).

This needle stick hotline will ensure that all UF employees and students with an exposure have immediate access to a medical provider. During regular work hours, an operator from the Occupational Health Department of the Student Health Care Center (SHCC) will answer the line and immediately forward the caller to a skilled and knowledgeable medical provider. The medical provider will collect the exposure and source history, arrange for laboratory studies, decide on post-exposure treatment if necessary, and recommend follow-up as appropriate. After-hours and on weekends, persons with exposure will be triaged to the closest Emergency Room for management.

Follow-up laboratory work and counseling will be conducted at the SHCC (392-0627, Rm D2-42) or at the main campus SHCC Occupational Health Program (392-1161 ext. 1-4212). Additional Needle Stick information can be found on the Student Health Care Center site, Questions or comments about this program may be directed to SHCC at 392-1161 ext. 1-4212

Needle Stick Protocol (JAX)
If the injury/exposure occurs in JAX during normal business hours, you should report to the Employee Health Office. If the injury/exposure occurs after normal business hours, you should report to the ED in JAX. Additional information for Needle Stick Protocol please refer to the following link,

Needle Stick Procedures (Externships/Non-UF Site)
In the event on an exposure to an infectious or environmental hazard while at the HOST AGENCY, the HOST AGENCY, upon notice of such incident from the student, should provide emergency care. If after normal business hours (or the HOST AGENCY is not cooperative) go to the nearest emergency room.