Classroom Behavior


  • Please be on time for class. Arriving late is very disruptive for both your classmates and your teachers.
  • If you arrive late, quickly find a seat in the back of the room so that you do not disturb others.
  • Do not talk to your classmates when the lecturer is speaking.
  • Turn off your cell phone while in class. If you are expecting an urgent call, set the phone on silent mode.
  • Do not read the newspaper, browse the internet, answer e-mail, or text during class.
  • Do not sleep during class. If you are unusually tired, stay home and rest and view the lecture on videotape.  Sleeping in class is quite insulting to the lecturer and distracting to your fellow students.
  • Remain quietly in place during the Q&A session at the end of class.
  • Ask questions in a respectful, courteous manner. Speak distinctly into the table microphone so that everyone can hear your question.  Do not dominate the discussion period by asking multiple questions when others also wish to pose questions to the teacher.
  • Return from the break in a timely manner so that class can start promptly at the designated time.


Revised 7/17/17