Honors Convocation


Barbara B. Bennett, M.D. Memorial Award

Established by the Class of 2002 and the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology to recognize an outstanding third-year student pursuing a career in Obstetrics & Gynecology who best exemplifies Dr. Bennett’s honesty, integrity, clinical skill, and devotion and commitment to women’s health.

Bythewood & Baker Memorial Scholarship Award for Women Medical Students

This award was established in 1968 by Miss Martha Isabel Mays to recognize women medical students for outstanding performance on the third-year clerkships. Highest ranked female student in third-year class after selection of COM Alumni Scholarship Awards.

Carey R. Barber, M.D. Scholarship for Suicide Prevention and Depression

This award is presented to a second year student who has demonstrated interest in pursuing Family Medicine as a career, who has promoted the goal of suicide prevention, and who has worked to improve awareness of the debilitating effects of depression.

Caroline Cody Memorial Scholarship Award

This award was established in memory of Caroline Annette Cody, M.D., a member of the Class of 2003, and is based on nominations from peers. It is presented to a fourth-year student who best exemplifies Caroline’s remarkable personal characteristics and altruistic service to the community. Presented by Dr. and Mrs. William Cody.

COM Alumni Scholarships for Academic Excellence

This award was established by the University of Florida Alumni Association to honor selected senior students for academic and professional excellence, leadership, service to community or peers, and advocacy for under-served populations.

Curtis Crowther Memorial Award

This award is presented to students admitted to the University of Florida College of Medicine via the Medical Honors Program. The awardee is selected by a committee and recognizes students who have courage in adversity, kindness, genuine concern for others, and diligence in their academic studies.

Genevra Todd & Henry E. Meleney Award

This award recognizes students who have excelled in the first phase of the medical school curriculum, for excellence in research, and for exemplary performance on the Clinical Skills Examination

Lawrence M. Goodman Trust Research Awards

Dr. Islam and Dr. Berceli ask 4th year students to complete an application about research they have conducted during their time here in medical school so they can be awarded the Honors in Research award. Once the applications have been received, Dr. Berceli and Dr. Islam review the applications and decide if the students should receive the distinction. They also select the winner of the Goodman award from the applications.

Mark W. Herrbold Memorial Award

This award was established by Dr. Francis Herrbold, Class of 1998, in memory of his father. It recognizes senior students who have overcome great personal adversity and demonstrated extraordinary determination and perseverance in pursuit of a medical education. The award is based on nominations from third-year class. Selection by Office of Student Affairs with input from Fran Herrbold, M.D. Emphasis on student who has “overcome adversity” to succeed in medical school.