Travel Support

UF COM students are encouraged to pursue research and present their scholarly work at conferences. They are also encouraged to represent the school in leadership capacities. Students’ research mentors are expected to provide support for students who conduct research under their guidance to attend the meetings. In the event that mentors or student organizations do not have resources to cover their expenses, students may request assistance from the Office of Educational Affairs.

Effective April 3, 2023, the University of Florida introduced the UF GO travel system. As such, ALL travel-related purchases, including flights and room reservations, MUST be submitted through the UF GO portal if requesting travel support.

The following criteria must be met before requesting funding:

  1. The student must have obtained permission for the absence from the appropriate course/clerkship director if the absence occurs during a course or clerkship.
  2. The student must be applying at least three weeks prior to Conference/Meeting/Publication date.
  3. Conference/Meeting must take place in the United States.
  4. Research being presented must have been conducted while in medical school.
  5. The student must be the first-author on paper/poster/abstract.
  6. If the student is a national officer of an organization, there must be no other fund sources for travel.
  7. The student must be in good academic standing. Students on a leave of absence are not eligible for funding.

Expectation of Students

  • Students are expected to contribute to their travel costs. 
  • Students are expected to submit all receipts, and a brief narrative reflecting on the value of this experience, within 2 weeks of travel date or funds may be denied.
  • Students must notify the Office of Educational Affairs before the planned travel date, if they decide not to travel or if the travel is cancelled.

Funding Availability and Notification

While costs do vary, in general, funding is available for one trip per student not to exceed $600/academic year (Aug. 1 – July 31). Students can expect a response from the COM within 2 weeks of their submitted request.


Conference registration, airline/mileage, and/or hotel expense (maximum of 2 nights) will be supported. COM will not reimburse for Airbnb or other room/house rental stays, printing, food/alcohol, internet services at hotel, and/or other entertainment. 


Submit information on the application portal

  1. Title, authors and electronic copy of abstract and/or poster
  2. Name of meeting, location, dates, cost estimates, and educational purpose for request
  3. Identification of other funding support
  4. Faculty mentor information and endorsement
  5. Written approval from course/clerkship director if travel falls during a course or clerkship.