Medical Student Performance Evaluation

The MSPE is prepared for all senior students by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The document is a key part of the residency application packet.

If, for any reason, a student believes that the Associate Dean for Student Affairs cannot prepare the letter in an unbiased manner, he or she may request that the letter be completed by another member of the Dean’s Office. The document is a letter of evaluation, not a letter of recommendation.

That is, it is intended to be a comprehensive summary of the student’s academic record through the first three years of medical school. It is intended to present the student in the best possible light but also to convey accurate information to a residency program director about the student’s qualifications for graduate medical education.

Students have the opportunity to review the MSPE for factual accuracy. All MSPE’s are transmitted on October 1 of each academic year.

Shelley Collins, M.D.