student advocacy committee (sac)

The committee’s goal is to represent student-related concerns to the COM administration. They are a student structured committee that discusses, and finds resolutions to student issues.



Consists of representatives from each Medical Student class, MD-PhD program, Biomedical Science, and Diversity.



What is the Students Advocacy Committee (SAC)?

SAC is the student-structured committee that discusses and finds resolutions to student issues. The committee serves as a platform for students to voice their concerns to the COM administration and work towards creating a better student experience.

Who are the SAC members?

SAC reps include three advocates from each Medical Student class, (one is the vice president of the class and two community and belonging co-chairs), one from the MD- PhD program, two Graduate students. The chair is the Assistant Dean for Students Affairs, and the faculty members are the learning specialist, and the director of the Office of Counseling and Student Development.

How do advocates become part of the committee?

The advocates are elected by their classes or programs, and they are part of the SAC until they completed their education at the College of Medicine.

What are the benefits of being an advocate?

  • Develop problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Participate in the resolution of medical education issues.
  • Collaborate with academic leaders to improve medical student life.
  • Learn from the experiences of other students.