Limitations To Student Supervision & Evaluation

At no time may a student, trainee, and/or employee be supervised, evaluated, and/or assessed by an individual with whom there is an amorous, romantic, and/or sexual relationship. This limitation on evaluation extends to any individuals who are family members. When this conflict of interest exists, it is the responsibility of both parties, the supervisor and subordinate, to immediately disclose the conflict to the course or clerkship director or ADME and request reassignment. Failure to do so may be reported to the proper hiring authority, academic/professionalism committee, and/or UF Title IX office for further action.

Additionally, whenever a student, trainee, and/or employee has been inadvertently assigned to be supervised, evaluated, and or assessed by their own personal healthcare provider, they are encouraged to request a reassignment without any recrimination.

Conversely, if the aforementioned subordinates are coerced into an unwelcome relationship, rejected to unwanted advances, and/or other forms of discrimination or mistreatment, they are encouraged to report this behavior to the College of Medicine administration including the Vice, Senior Associate, Associate, or Assistant Deans or directly to the Title IX office ( For confidential consultation, students are encouraged to speak with a mental health provider within the medical school, Counseling and Wellness Center, Dean of Students’ Care area, or at the UPD Victims’ Advocate office.