Gender Equity & Sexual Misconduct

The University of Florida and the UF COM are committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, supportive, and non-discriminatory educational and working environment for students, housestaff, and faculty. Appropriate professional behavior is expected at all times by each member of the university. Individuals are encouraged to promptly report any form of discrimination or unwelcome conduct on the basis of sex, including sexual orientation and gender identity. Specifically, COM students are encouraged to report prohibited behavior to the COM administration including the Senior Associate, Associate, or Assistant Deans or to the Office of Title IX Compliance. Once reported, the complainant may be encouraged, but are not required to move forward requesting further investigation. Responsible agents (COM administration) may be required to report an allegation if believed to threaten the safety and security of the UF community per the Cleary Act.

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual harassment, sexual violence, or any gender-based discrimination that may deny a person access to educational benefits and opportunities. Behavior of this nature will not be tolerated and any individual who engages in such conduct will be subject to disciplinary action. Similarly, retaliation (intimidation, threatening, coercing, or discrimination) against an individual who has filed a complaint, testified, assisted, participated, or refused to participate in an investigation may also be subject to disciplinary action.

Additional information about policies, procedures, the reporting process, and resources regarding Title IX are located on the website. For confidential consultation, students are encouraged to seek assistance from the COM Office of Student Counseling and Development, Counseling and Wellness Center, or the UPD Office of Victim Services.