Student Counseling & Health Care


Medical and psychiatric physicians at the Student Health Care Center (SHCC) may hold faculty positions in the College of Medicine and, therefore, may have academic and/or clinical teaching responsibilities with medical students.  Most of the teaching assignments bring the faculty member into direct contact and academic involvement with only a few students in each class year.  Because of the potential for conflict, medical students presenting for services at the SHCC or the SHCC Shands satellite clinics will be given the option to see (1) a faculty member or alternative health care provider who has not, and will not, have an academic role with them or, (2) a health care provider in the community.

The Director of the College of Medicine, Office of Student Counseling & Development also holds a faculty position.  However, this individual does not have any academic and/or clinical teaching responsibilities, is not involved in the academic assessment of the students, and does not take part in decisions regarding the advancement/promotion and/or graduation of medical students.

Gainesville Procedure

Medical students will be notified of this provision during their orientation to the College of Medicine.  The policy shall also be posted on the Student Affairs and Student Counseling and Development websites. Additionally, this information will be presented annually to the faculty members who serve as the Collaborative Learning Group Leaders, as well as the Course Directors and Clerkship Directors.

When students call to make medical or psychiatric appointments at the SHCC, at Shands or an associated clinic, they should identify themselves as being a medical student. Students can request an appointment with a healthcare provider who does not have a teaching role. If a non-teaching physician is not available at either the main SHCC or any of the satellite clinics, the student will be referred to a non-UF physician in the community. 

If a student is assigned to a clinical site or service that involves one of the student’s health care providers, the student may request a reassignment to a different service.

Jacksonville Procedure

Should students need to seek counseling or other mental health services while on a rotation in Jacksonville, they may contact the UF Health Center for Healthy Minds and Practice (CHaMP) at (904) 244-8332. Services provided to medical students are at no charge and are kept confidential.

For medical services, students may contact the UF Community Health Center (CHC) at (904) 244-5524 to schedule an appointment.  Students should identify themselves as a medical student needing Acute/Urgent Care, so the appointment is made with a healthcare provider who does not have a teaching role.  Students will not have any out-of-pocket expense, and the student’s health insurance company will be billed for the visit, including any ancillary services such as laboratory tests, X-rays, or specialty consults.