Disability Insurance

The College of Medicine requires that all students have disability insurance. The policy offered to all students is sponsored by the American Medical Association (AMA) and costs $48 per year. Your student loan/scholarship package is increased proportionately to cover the cost of the disability insurance policy.  In the unfortunate event that you should become disabled, the policy provides for:

  • A lump sum benefit of $5,000
  • A monthly payment of $ 1,500, subject to specific program requirements in $500 increments
  • Repayment of all eligible debt up to $200,000 that a student is legally liable to repay for college and/or medical education.

Please note that an electronic payment for the disability insurance fee of $48, noted as Disability Insurance, will be processed from your tuition

Additionally, Global Emergency Services program is now available to AMA-sponsored Med Plus Advantage participants at no additional cost. Please view the program brochure detailing the services provided, along with a PDF containing a cut-out card the students/residents should keep in their wallet at all times in case of an emergency. This benefit provides an array of services when students are traveling 100 miles or more from their home/school residence. Services such as medical repatriation, emergency medical evacuation, and medical consultation and referral are just a few of the services provided through Assist America‚Äôs program. Should an emergency occur while traveling, the students/residents simply call the number shown on the card and Assist America will make the necessary arrangements.