Policies, Procedures, and Resources

The College of Medicine has adopted the following policies and procedures to regularly review and assess the academic progress and professional development of each student.  Please click on link below for PDF document.

Policies and Procedures –

Medical Student Work Hours Policy

UF COM students will be held to the same standards as residents.

The work schedule of all students must not exceed eighty hours per week, averaged over a four week period.

Students must not be scheduled for more than twenty-four consecutive hours.  A transition period is allowed following a twenty-four hour on-call assignment as is allowed for residents.  The transition period is not intended for the assignment of new patient care activities, but can be used to complete assignments, transition of patient care and for rounds, as indicated. Exceptions to the above are made based only on acute patient care needs.

Scheduled assignments must allow for a ten non-working hours break, and with at least one twenty four hour period off per week, averaged over a month.  Non-working time is defined as time away from training or any patient care activities.
Hours will not be specifically logged unless you feel it is necessary because of a potential violation. If you are working close to the 80-hour limit, please document your hours for the week in question and present to your clerkship director; your work schedule will be modified as appropriate. You will be not be discriminated against for following the work hours policy.

Post-call, if you slept at least 5 hours, you should stay through the working day.

No matter how many hours you have worked, always check out with the team before leaving for the day.

Feel free to come in early or stay late as long as it does not put you over the 80 hour limit.