Grade Grievance Process

Medical students may appeal a final grade or evaluation based on concerns about discrimination or the process used to assign the grade. The process is as follows:

1. The student submits one’s written concern(s) regarding discrimination or process used to assign a final grade or evaluation and arranges a meeting to discuss the concern(s) with the respective course/clerkship director within one (1) month of the posting of that grade.  In the event that the complaint involves the course/clerkship director, the written concern should be submitted to the Chair of the Course or Clerkship Directors Committee (whichever is applicable) and arrange a meeting. If the concern involves the Course or Clerkship Director committee chair, the student will meet with the Associate Dean for Medical Education. If meeting with the course or clerkship director chair or Associate Dean for Medical Education does not resolve the concern, then it will automatically trigger formation of a Grade Grievance Committee.

If the student is not satisfied with the outcome:

2. The student may submit their written explanation of the grievance within two (2) weeks of the face to face to the Associate Dean for Medical Education who will assemble the Grade GrievanceCommittee. The Grade Grievance Committee will consist of the Chair of the Course/Clerkship Committee, or designee if it involves the student’s course/clerkship, and three faculty familiar with the medical education program who are not involved in the same course/clerkship as the grievance, nor are members of the ASC.  A 4th year medical student from the ASC will serve as a non-voting member on the Grade Grievance Committee.  The faculty members of the Grade Grievance Committee are appointed by the Associate Dean of Medical Education.

3. After review, the Grade Grievance Committee will submit a recommendation to the Associate Dean for Medical Education and the Chair of the Academic Status Committee who will review the report and provide the response to the student.

4. The decision of the Associate Dean for Medical Education and the Chair of the Academic Status Committee is final.

Grade grievances aligns with UF policy (UF Regulation 4.012).

The UF Office of the Ombuds is another resource for students with a university related problem and/or concern.