Appeals Process

A student will be contacted by the Associate Dean for Students Affairs (or chair of the ASC) when an adverse academic action, such as academic/disciplinary leave of absence, probation, suspension or dismissal is taken or being considered by the ASC.  The student may petition the initial decision and will be scheduled to meet before the ASC as soon as possible, but not less than 5 Business Days after receiving notification.  The student will be notified of the specific adverse action that is being considered, advise the student of their rights and provide a copy of the relevant policies that describe the petitions process, including a personal appearance before the ASC.  The student will be allowed to have an adviser during the personal appearance, and must provide the identity of the person at least two business days in advance of the meeting.  The adviser may not address the committee but may consult with the student.  The student will have an opportunity to make an opening and closing statement and to take notes during the meeting.  Petitioned actions of the committee will be final except in cases of suspension or dismissal.  All petitions must be in writing and submitted to the appropriate office within 10 Business Days from the date of the decision letter.  Petitioned actions will be heard by the Dean’s Advisory Committee (ad hoc).  This committee will be composed of the Dean of the College of Medicine (chair – will only vote in the event of a tie), Senior Associate Dean for Research Affairs, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Senior Associate Dean and CEO for UF Health Physicians, Chief Medical Officer for UF Health, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, and the Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs (non-voting member).  Actions of the Dean’s Advisory Committee will be final, and will constitute final agency action. Students dismissed from medical school may re-apply for admission to the College of Medicine. In such cases, the action of the ASC/DAC will be available to the Medical School Admissions Committee.


Students whose dismissal is reversed by successful petition and who are permitted to remediate deficiencies will be placed on probation for one year from the date of the petition hearing. The ASC will review the status of students on probation annually and prior to graduation. The ASC may remove students from probation upon successful remediation. Students will automatically be dismissed if they receive a grade of D, E, or unsatisfactory or an unsatisfactory competency evaluation in any course during the time on probation.